Feb 24, 2008


If this doesn't make you laugh, please get counseling. I know some people.


Nick said...

That pic had me laughing out loud in a Starbucks... I hate that.

Anonymous said...

I likewise was the loud laugher in the corner at my quiet office just now. You blogs are really funny. I may have commented on one of them in the past, not sure. If not, I'm Hannah, Tom Davis's sister-in-law. You have his blog link on your page; that's how I initially found your blog. Speaking of miracles. A year ago this month, I was plowed over by a 20-passenger motorboat while kayacking on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala... I bobbed up out of the water after feeling the bottom of the boat strike my back, and all I had to contend with was a bit of water in my contacts. And I was quite in shock and awkwardly flapping about until I made it back into my kayack, albeit backwards. ; ) Maybe I'm commenting on the wrong blog post, but I can't believe some clown threw a crowbar at you. You must have had enemies back in the day. Smile. Anyway, thanks for blogging.