Oct 14, 2008

are you fat?

I got to have lunch with a guy named Fred Morse today. Fred has been working in church ministry for over 40 years. It was awesome to share a table with him for an hour.

He told me that I will speak to the masses as a pastor, but that I will have the greatest impact by focusing in on just a few lives. He told me to find a few fat guys to pour into, which was a whole lot funnier to hear him say than it is to read me writing it!

"Fat friends are faithful, available, and teachable."

Are you fat? Are the people you're leading fat? Do you like acronyms as much as me?


Anonymous said...

Is Fred a Sonlife Strategy guy? You maybe a little young for that, but Fred fits the profile. As a fellow 1990s youth pastor I recognize that lingo. It is great stuff and still incredibly effective today.

Ryan Guard said...

A little too young eh?

I will have you know that I am Sonlife trained!! I turn 30 in November, which makes me old enough to be Pete Wilson's dad!