Jun 28, 2008

can you keep a secret?

You don't have to answer that question, and I'm sorry, but I don't have a secret to share with you. But... I'm not sure what blogs you peruse, most of mine are church workers of some sort. I subscribe to about 30 different blogs, and I've bookmarked a few dozen others that I check from time to time. In my perusing, I've noticed a common trend amongst the Jesus tribe.


I'm sure I'm guilty too, at least on a subconscious level. Maybe the main difference between me and the obvious braggers is that I'm more creative in how I share my awesomeness (sarcasm).

But is anyone ever really impressed by all of this boasting, name dropping, and chest puffing?

I'm going to spend this week chewing on a handful of verses I've found that revolve around this issue, like Matthew 6:3.

I feel bad for not sharing a secret, so... I pluck my eyebrows. If I didn't at least once a week I'd look like this guy.


Nick said...

are you talking about me bragging about winning the championship softball trophy? I think you're just jealous... j/k

Ryan Guard said...

no way, I brag about THAT kind of stuff all the time! I should have just said "name dropping".

PS, congrats on that! I wish you wouldn't have uninvited me to play so that I could share in your glory.

Nick said...

oh ok, BTW, I still feel bad about uninviting you, I figured thats what pushed you over the edge to up and move to California..
...and where can I find these "name-dropping" blogs? I want to go and make fun of them with random, anonymous comments