Jun 5, 2008

thank you Google

For finding this little ditty starring a handful of my new cohorts at Calvary.


Christopher. said...

you sent me a picture a while ago that you liked

here's mine back :)


My name is Matt Gargula said...

sooooo. this video... you know with calvarys stance on dancing They should all be fired.. hahaha

by the way have you met Tom Bailor yet? the dude in the suit!

Ryan Guard said...

If they all get fired, we've got our hands full...

I met Tom on the way to Man Camp :)

My name is Matt Gargula said...

good, Tom actually does tech for us, i dont know if he told you that

MAn camp with TOm, now i remember you rode in his van... haha

brian wurzell said...

the best part will be when you end up IN THOSE VIDEOS!!!!! HAHAHAHA...the potential for your blog to get better is soooo good with these people.