Sep 16, 2008

sometimes John Piper says things I disagree with

but this is not one of those times. You may have seen this already, but its a good rerun.


Christopher. said...

Man oh man
Good stuff
Never seen it before

Nicole Gniffke said...

that hits right to the core.

i never saw that before either.

(deep sigh) trying to take it all in. self check to make sure im not apart of those kind of gospel givers

Eric Wakeling said...


I haven't seen that. The combination of the truth being told with the passion of his voice and the conviction of the Holy Spirit combined with the imagery is just so powerful.

I want to take it in for myself first and then think about when the soonest possible time is for this to be in the Worship Center at Calvary.

johnincolorado said...

i wish the video was still on the blog.

Ryan Guard said...

john, I'm not sure what you mean. I can still see the video in this post.

johnincolorado said...

musta been a browser problem. love me some Piper.