May 10, 2008

How do you remember that?

I get that question pretty often from relatives or from anyone I might be talking to about my childhood... I have some really vivid, yet completely random memories about growing up. I can remember a few things as early as four years old... sort of like snapshot memories with a pretty descriptive subtitle.

And I can typically retain most of what I read these days, so I'm good for a quote or two. Its the same with movie lines. You might say some word, any word really, and it will instantly push a button in my brain that triggers a movie line, or a memory, or something else like that. But while I think about it, I'm horrible with directions (Lindsay is my little road map sitting shotgun), so I have a somewhat selective memory I guess.

But I've got nothing on this lady.

Would you consider this a blessing or a curse?

2 comments: said...

wow. initially i thought that could be like a superpower on heroes, but after reading her response to it and bringing up a few of my own junior high memories, I think it would suck bigtime.

which reminds me, remember that time when we were kids and I depantsed you in front of your 5th grade class and you were wearing My Little Pony underwear? ahhh, what fun.

Ryan Guard said...

Remember when I was supposed to speak in your youth group but then I canceled on you? ahhh, what fun. ;)