May 29, 2008

saying goodbye

I've lived here my entire life; 29 years right here in this patch of sand.

I only know in part what my wife must feel immensely, what it is to leave a place so familiar. What it is to leave home.

This is where I live. This is home for me.

I'm ridiculously excited about what is to come, don't get me wrong... but I can't shake this feeling. It feels like... mourning.

I'll probably never be back. My life will never be the same.

My wife must be a very strong person, because this is difficult.

I'll miss my family, and my friends, and all of the incredible students.

I'm about to go do life with a brand new bunch of people... but I'm sure that won't diminish what I feel for this place or these people.

Good stuff.


Christopher. said...

I'm going to see you one last time before you leave!
Even if it's helping you pack or sell stuff or pull your weeds or clean a bathroom or something!

Garbinski said...

Did you sell your house?

When do you leave? said...

(nick racing through the airport, jumping over suitcases and dashing past security)

(see Ryan and grabs him... oops, thats not Ryan... keep running)

(stops him just as he is handing his boarding pass to the attendant)

Nick: Ryan, you can't leave! I haven't told you.... (gasps for breath because he is fat)

Ryan: Told... me... what?

Nick: (still gasping)

Ryan: You ok man?

Nick: I... haven't... told... you... that...

Ryan: yeah?

Nick: I love you!

(then Nick goes into cardiac arrest and Ryan gets on the plane quickly to get a window seat)

Ryan Guard said...

Chris, we're definitely hanging out.

Justin, I think my first Sunday out there is June 22nd... we haven't figured out exactly when we will live there though. Hopefully soon! The house hasn't sold, but we're going whether it does or not!

Nick, we're taking a Uhaul truck, not flying. But your story was romantic?

patrowland said...

I know what you are going through and wish you and lindsay the best of luck. God is going to use you to do some incredible things in Cal. keep in touch

Anonymous said...

I'm not even there, and I'll miss you most of all!
"The One Who Found A Friend" ;)

Anonymous said...

That's "The One Who Found YOU a Friend" geeez!

Ryan Guard said...

"the one who found a friend". Thanks for the compliment. what's your name?

Anonymous said...

Who found you a friend ?
Come on #3, keep up!

Ryan Guard said...

ooooh... its my MOM! haha!!!

I'll miss YOU a bunch :)