Mar 31, 2008

fear sets in

I have never changed a diaper.

I HOPE that the first diaper I change will belong to my first child. I have been in the same room as someone changing a diaper, which was horrible enough.

Lindsay went to the chiropractor just now because she twisted, pulled or pinched something that is making her walk like a 3-legged drunk. So I'm filling in for her as nanny (that's "man nanny" to you). The 10-month-old and the 3-yr-old are both napping. And I am taking a break from praying against poo to share my fear with you.

No lie, the little pooper just woke up. I can hear him on the monitor.

Dear God, please don't do this to me.


Mike said...

good luck :)

I never changed a diaper until my own, and still wish that I never had

Ryan Guard said...

You wear a diaper Mike?

At least you get to change your own!

Christopher. said...

i think he means his own kids. hahaha!

my parents once told me that they came in to my crib once and saw me....

never mind.

too graphic