Apr 23, 2008

26 elementary schools

Today I visited each of the 26 elementary schools in the city of Chandler, and I am very, very tired. A couple guys I know started a flag-football/cheerleading franchise for wee lads, and they needed some help getting the word out (and I needed a hundred bucks). I plotted out my course last night and thought "This should take about two or three hours, based on mileage, visit times, and Starbucks stops."

Six hours y'all... in my wife's Civic.

I miss my Mazda. And my back hurts from her ridiculously small clown car.


Steve Adame said...

dude...you're right. the book is changing me.

Christopher. said...

and, travis probably did something :)
hehe, did he tell you?

Ryan Guard said...


Daniel DuBord said...

Was your Mazda bought? Or are just saying that you took her Honda to Cali?

Ryan Guard said...

Yep, sold the Mazda! So I was using her car.