Apr 9, 2008

music theme park

One of my best buds growing up was a guy named Lonnie. His older brothers were really cool guys, always with the pretty girls, killer jump-shots and all that. His oldest brother Marty came up with an idea for a theme park that would have a musical theme... and the brotha went for it.

Decades Music Theme Park would have different areas designated for different decades- 50's, 60's, and so on...

It would be in Eloy (where?) which is 45 minutes south of my house and like a stone's throw from Tucson. I hope it works out! The Thunderstruck roller coaster looks like a good time.


Christopher. said...

Where's the Ryan Guard motorcycle ride?

Speeds up to 140 MPH!!!!!!

Ryan Guard said...

i topped her out at 157. get yer facts straight sonny. that's 37mph faster than a skydiver. but i'm not bragging. ok i am. but that was before i loved jesus. i kinda just liked him a little bit at that time. mostly for creating a world where motorcycles exist. i am incomplete without one. stupid mazda. might as well be a big pink station wagon.